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Enjoy the benefits of discovering new and interesting wineries & varietals


At Wine 661, we believe in drinking wine outside the box - literally and figuratively. In our 13 years of wine club,

we’ve never repeated a winery or varietal. We have four different clubs to choose from:


  • WHITE: Two bottles of white every other month -  $50 p/shipment

  • RED: Two bottles of great “daily drinking” reds every other month - $60 p/shipment

  • MIXED: One bottle of white; one bottle of red, every other month -  $55 p/shipment

  • PREMIERE: Two bottles of special occasion reds, every other month - $80 p/shipment

Plus, picking up your wine club every other month, is a great excuse to come say hi and catch up! Signing up is easy! Come on in to do so, or shoot us an email via the contact form here. 

We can’t wait to see you! Cheers!

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